ORSP Policies

ORSP Policies

The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) in the College of Education (COE) at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) would like to achieve clarity on the processes by which faculty engage in grantmaking. To maintain R1 status and achieve our collective top tier vision at UNLV it is critical that we abide by clear procedures regarding how we organize our pre award and post award processes for continued success. The objectives of the policies outlined below are to provide clear direction for how Indirect Cost Rates (IDCRs) are split amount units within the college, the processes by which faculty engage with the ORSP for pre and post award support, the processes by which faculty engage in collaborative grants with other colleges and the community, and the ways in which research Centers, Labs, Institutes, and Offices (CLIOs) maintain active research status. The policies are meant to 1) ensure grant submissions are of the highest quality, 2) increase the likelihood that submissions will be funded, and 3) secure the role, responsibilities, and benefits for CLIO directors, principal investigators (PI), and other grant personnel on extramural projects. These policies act in alignment with university level OSP policies for grantmaking https://www.unlv.edu/research/osp.

1. Breakdown of IDCRs by College, Department, CLIO, and PI

2. Faculty obligations – Pre-Award

3. Faculty obligations – Post-Award

4. Tracking and reporting accountability for PI’s

5. Responsibilities for collaborative grants across colleges