About the ORSP


The mission of the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects in the College of Education at UNLV is to foster a vibrant culture of research within the college and strengthen collaborations with local, state, and national partners. This mission is accomplished by coordinating comprehensive pre- and post-award services for projects funded through grants and contracts, ensuring seamless support throughout the project lifecycle. The office is dedicated to enhancing professional development in research and scholarship, empowering faculty members to excel in their endeavors. Additionally, the office plays a crucial role in providing both support and oversight for the various Centers, Labs, Institutes, and Offices within the College of Education, facilitating their impactful contributions to advancing research and education.

Primary Functions

The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects in the College of Education at UNLV focuses on several priority areas to ensure the success of research initiatives. Firstly, pre-award support involves guiding and assisting faculty members in the process of grant submissions. This includes providing expertise and resources to develop strong grant proposals. Secondly, the office emphasizes COE faculty training for grant development and submission, equipping educators with the necessary skills to effectively create and submit grant applications. The office also places high importance on compliance with rules and regulations set forth by federal and state agencies. This involves maintaining a comprehensive understanding of guidelines and mandates to guarantee adherence throughout the research process.

Post-award support encompasses the management of grants after they are awarded. This involves processing expenditures related to various aspects such as materials, supplies, travel, and more. Another crucial area is the thorough review of budgets, scopes of work, supplementary materials, and narratives to ensure accuracy and alignment with the grant requirements. Additionally, the office handles human resources filings, including tasks like managing graduate assistant hires, summer contracts, and leave of absences. Efficient contract and invoice execution for consultants and suppliers further streamline the grant management process. Lastly, the office is dedicated to community research engagement. This involves overseeing and evaluating various Centers, Labs, Institutes, and Offices (CLIO) that play a pivotal role in the college’s research efforts as well as internal grant award coordination, ensuring that internal funding initiatives are well-coordinated and effectively contribute to the overall research objectives of the College of Education at UNLV.

Goals of the ORSP

  • Cultivate and support research among the College of Education and local, state, and national partners.
  • Identify grant opportunities for faculty and students.
  • Assist faculty in the pre-award submission processes, including budgetary assistance and technical review.
  • Coordinate post-award services for all grant and contract-funded projects in the College of Education.
  • Promote professional development in research and scholarship.
  • Provide administrative functions to the College of Education centers and collaborative research partners.
  • Work closely with the Office of Sponsored Projects and Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development.

Meet the ORSP

Jonathan Hilpert, Ph.D.

Interim Associate Dean of Research and Sponsored Projects

Phone: 702-895-4303
Email: jonathan.hilpert@unlv.edu

Francisco Mejia, CRA

Grant Proposal Coordinator

Phone: 702-895-1405
Email: francisco.mejia@unlv.edu

April Ursula Fox, M.S.

Grant Specialist

Phone: 702-895-1501
Email: april.fox@unlv.edu

Anarely Marin

Post-Award Grant Specialist

Phone: 702-895-3215
Email: anarely.marin@unlv.edu

Elizabeth Hofschulte Collins

Graduate Assistant