About the ORSP

Our Mission

ORSP facilitates a dynamic transformation of academic resources, both intellectual and financial, to generate innovative research and opportunities to improve the educational outcomes and emotional well-being of all students. Our continued success expands the ability of the college of education to serve as a go-to resource for academic and research challenges of students, parents, teachers and our educational communities.

Research meets Education

The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) supports faculty and student research efforts. The aim of the ORSP is to promote a positive research culture in the College of Education that values inclusion, collaboration, and rigor. The ORSP offers pre-post award grantsmanship support, professional development and training, and opportunities for faculty and students to nourish their intellectual curiosity through research engagement. 

Goals of the ORSP

  • Cultivate and support research among the College of Education and local, state, and national partners.
  • Identify grant opportunities for faculty and students.
  • Assist faculty in the pre-award submission processes, including budgetary assistance and technical review.
  • Coordinate post-award services for all grant and contract-funded projects in the College of Education.
  • Promote professional development in research and scholarship.
  • Provide administrative functions to the College of Education centers and collaborative research partners.
  • Work closely with the Office of Sponsored Projects and Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development.

Meet the ORSP

Gwen Marchand, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Research and Sponsored Projects and Associate Professor

Office: CEB 399e
Mail Code: 3001
Phone: 702-895-4303
Email: gwen.marchand@unlv.edu

Vicky Herrera

Post Award Specialist

Office: CEB 399
Mail Code: 3001
Email: Virginia.Herrera@unlv.edu

Francisco Mejia, CRA

Grant Proposal Coordinator

Office: CEB 399C
Mail Code: 3001
Phone: 702-895-1405
Email: francisco.mejia@unlv.edu

Jonah Shulman, M.Ed

Graduate Assistant

Office: CEB 343-C
Mail Code: 3001
Email: jonah.shulman@unlv.edu