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News from Research and Sponsored Projects
January 15, 2021

As we prepare for  the Spring 2021 semester and welcome a new year, it’s important to us in the ORSP to acknowledge the ongoing challenges and concerns that many of us face about the physical, mental, and social health of ourselves, our families, and our UNLV and local community. In many cases, the work we do for our scholarship in the COE has the opportunity to directly impact these concerns and challenges. I wish to express appreciation for this work and am grateful that the ORSP team can support our faculty, students, and staff as you engage in meaningful and socially-relevant research and scholarship. If you find yourself needing additional support at this time for navigating the process of engaging in your research, or just for discussing anxieties and concerns about your scholarship or career, please reach out to me directly, or any member of the ORSP team. 
– Gwen Marchand, Associate Dean for Research and Sponsored Projects

COE Research Accomplishments
New Extramural Grants and Contracts

PI: Merryn Cole
Co-Investigators: Karen Grove, Kendall Hartley, and Tina Vo
Title: Computational Thinking Through Project-Based Instruction (Project Compass)
Sponsor: Nevada Department of Education
Award amount: $127,335
PI: Tiberio Garza
Co-Investigators: Bradley Marianno
Title: Evaluating the Food Safety Culture in Nevada
Sponsor: Southern Nevada Health District
Award amount: $3,000
PI: Joseph Morgan
Title: Numbershire ITS
Sponsor: University of Oregon
Award amount: $31,327
PI: Joseph Morgan
Co-Investigators: Tiberio Garza, Jared Lau, John Nixon, Tara Raines, and Samuel Song
Title: Reinventing Integrated Student Supports in Educational Environments (RISsEe)
Sponsor: Nevada Department of Education
Award amount: $721,382
PI: Sean Mulvenon
Co-Investigators: Tiberio Garza, Bradley Marianno and Tina Vo
Title: UNLV Review of “Evidence Based” Supplies (REBS)
Sponsor: Nevada Department of Education
Award amount: $95,000
PI: Tina Vo
Co-Investigators: Heather Dahl-Jacinto, Margarita Huerta, Kenneth Varner
Title: Engaging with Science through Anxiety Reduction around COVID-19
Sponsor: Nevada Department of Education
Award amount: $299,577

PI: Jenna Weglarz-Ward
Title: Family-Centered Practices for Children with Disabilities during Distance Learning and Beyond: Supporting Early Childhood Professionals (FCP & Beyond)
Sponsor: Nevada Department of Education
Award amount: $170,480
Project Continuation Awards
PI: Joshua Baker
Co-Investigators: None
Title: Take on Training with Attainment: A Video Training App to Foster Independence at Work for Individuals with Intellectual Disability
Sponsor: Attainment Company
Award increase amount: $102,614

Service Agreements (non-OSP contracts)
PI: Bradley Marianno
Co-Investigators: Tiberio Garza and Jonathan Hilpert
Title: 21st Century Community Learning Centers/21st CCLC Evaluation
Sponsor: After-School All-Stars Las Vegas
Award amount: $55,440
PI: Bradley Marianno
Co-Investigators: Tiberio Garza and Jonathan Hilpert
Title: Evaluation Services for 21st Century Community Learning Center After School Programs
Sponsor: YMCA of Southern Nevada
Award amount: $5,940

Upcoming UNLV Events 
Links for COE and UNLV virtual meetings and other events can be found in the calendar at the ORSP website. Please submit COE or UNLV events to
January 21st, 2 pm – COE Grant Workshop: Developing and Monitoring Grant Budget
The ORSP will facilitate a 1.5 hour workshop beginning at 2 pm that assists attendees in understanding, developing, and managing grant budgets. Please register here for the event by January 20th.

January 19th and February 2nd, 3 pm – COE Grant Development Group
Looking to discuss grant questions, research ideas, and concerns and issues? The GDG offers a community to share our collective grant experiences and an opportunity to gain feedback on your ideas. The link for the GDG meetings is in the calendar on the ORSP website.

January 29th, NSHE Workday Grants Training Session for PIs
Do you have a grant with a Workday account (GR account)? Do you have questions about how to navigate your grant in Workday? Please attend one of these training sessions specifically designed to help Principle Investigators understand how to read and use their Workday accounts. Pre-registration is required. Please click here for more information. 

UNLV Faculty Opportunity Awards
The UNLV Division of Research and Economic Development has released the call for the 2021 Faculty Opportunity Award competition. These are due February 5, 2021. Click here  for more information.

ORSP Reminders
Resumption of face-to-face research activities still requires an approved standard operating procedure for human subjects research. For more information, please review these documents on the UNLV website and contact Gwen Marchand at
Do you have grant-funded summer contracts in mind? Now is the time to get those letters of appointment started. Fill out your request using the contract request form on the ORSP website. 

Thought Experiment for Faculty Researchers
Think about your current project and imagine how you might involve undergraduate or graduate student volunteers as researchers on your project.  How could your research be enriched by their involvement? How could their education be enriched by your mentorship? Send your research opportunity to and we will post it on our website and the student newsletter!

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