Centers & Labs

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Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders (CASD) conducts community focused research and training on individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. Project F.O.C.U.S. (Forming Occupational & Community Understanding for Success) provides young adults with assistance in their academic, independent living, and employment goals.

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Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education

UNLV’s Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education (CMSEE) is a collaborative venture between the Colleges of Education, Sciences and Engineering. Aligned with UNLV Top Tier goals, the center strives to (a) strengthen the collaborative grant activities in STEM Education at UNLV (b) increase capacity to improve undergraduate STEM education at UNLV, and (c) provide leadership in K-12 STEM education regionally and nationally.

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Center for Research, Evaluation, and Assessment

The Center for Research, Evaluation, and Assessment (CREA) provides evaluation services for decision-makers at the national, state, and local levels. CREA is currently working with the Clark County School District to understand the impact of class sizes on teachers and students at Title I Schools.

CREA works with clients in the community, including municipalities, nonprofits, and other organizations, to address their research, evaluation, and assessment needs.

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Gayle A. Zeiter Literacy Development Center

The Gayle A. Zeiter Literacy Center’s mission is to support literacy educators, students, and families by providing the UNLV, Southern Nevada, and larger international communities with professional development through engaged workshops and conferences, tutoring, as well as community-based partnerships. Center faculty and affiliated faculty provide literacy-based instruction and host family learning events to complement and extend school-based instruction. The Zeiter Center is the host of Taboo: The Journal of Education and Culture, the annual Summit on Teaching Young Adult Literature, the international Teaching in Chile Conference, and the Zeiter Children’s Literature Conference and the Zeiter Literacy Lecture Series. A signature outreach program of 2020 is the Zeiter COVID-19 Read Aloud Project, which uses digital tools to provide children, families, and educators with access to picture book read alouds and resources.

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Lynn Bennett Early Childhood Education Center

The Center, built in 2004, was creatively envisioned, innovatively designed, and intentionally built for combining research, educator preparation, and world-class service delivery of high-quality early childhood education. The Center encompasses the Five Star, NAEYC Accredited UNLV/CSUN Preschool and Early Childhood Assessment and Training Center. This mission supports UNLV’s Top Tier Initiative aiming to increase high quality research, scholarship, and creative innovation that continues to strengthen community partnerships.

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Content Area and Language Learning Research Lab

The CALL research team, based in the Department of Early Childhood, Multilingual and Special Education, is an interdisciplinary collaborative group comprised of undergraduate and graduate students and faculty. We are committed to studying the contiguous development of language, literacy, and content areas such as mathematics, science, social studies, among these populations from preschool to post-secondary schooling.

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Interaction & Media Sciences Lab

The UNLV Interaction & Media Sciences Lab (IMS) focuses on technological research concerning human-computer interaction, video games, game-based models, virtual reality, and simulations. IMS provides graduate students with mentorship opportunities to learn the skills necessary for future vocations from the human perspective of technological innovations.

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The Partnership for Research, Assessment, Counseling, Therapy, and Innovative Clinical Education (The PRACTICE) is a community mental health training clinic. The PRACTICE is committed to providing affordable, evidence-based mental health care to the community and the highest quality training to students from various mental and behavioral healthcare disciplines. Research is both integrated into and generated from all the clinic’s functions.

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UNLV’s Office of Learning Analytics (OLA)

UNLV’s Office of Learning Analytics (OLA) is devoted to enhancing learning and decision making of all kinds through the provision of social and behavioral analytics. The mission of the OLA is to share complex forms of data in ways that can provide useful insights to improve learning and leadership. We combine learning science (educational research, assessment, and technology) and analytics (data science, statistics, visualizations) to provide descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive information to stakeholders.