Renewal and Continuation Proposals

A competing renewal proposal (also called a competing continuation) is a request for continued funding of a project for which the funding or project period is about to terminate. Such proposals are similar to “new” proposals and must be routed and approved in the same manner.

Noncompeting continuation proposals, which request the next year’s funding within a multi-year grant, generally consist of a progress report, budget, and other relevant materials such as research results, reprints, vitae for new personnel, etc. They sometimes include a financial status report showing the unobligated balance for the current year. Generally, sponsors require the signature of the institutional official and investigators. Noncompeting continuation proposals are reviewed by our office and must be approved and submitted by the UNLV OSP, even if a budget is not required.

Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR) is a federal-wide uniform progress report format for use by federal agencies that provide sponsored funding. RPPR is also used for noncompeting continuations.