Budget & Budget Justification

A detailed budget identifying all proposed costs necessary to conduct the project/research must be prepared in compliance with the sponsor’s guidelines, applicable cost principles, and UNLV policies.

A budget justification is one of the most important sections of the proposal. A budget justification identifies the need for the requested funds and how the costs were estimated. For instance, while the need for a particular piece of equipment may be implied in the project description, the budget justification provides explicit justification for the item and allows a nontechnical reviewer to understand the necessity for the equipment. All budget line items should be similarly justified in the budget justification. Typical budget categories include:

  • Salaries
  • Fringe benefits
  • Equipment
  • Participant support costs
  • Materials and supplies
  • Travel
  • Consultants
  • Sub-award recipients
  • Other direct costs (human subjects incentives, tuition, services)
  • Facilities and administrative (F&A) costs