Proposal Preparation and Submission

Review & Submission Process

Our office and the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) must review, guide necessary revisions, and approve all proposals prior to their submission to any external funding organization. OSP is authorized to provide final official approval for proposal submissions. Faculty and staff are not authorized to commit the institution through proposal submission or award acceptance. Failure to obtain the required university approvals before submission may result in a refusal to accept or support an award or proposal.

Types of Proposals

Common Elements of a Proposal

Although proposal guidelines and required elements vary among sponsors, the following are common elements (attachments, information) required by most proposals.

Proposal Portals

The following is a list of major proposal portals:

Writing & Editing

A well-written, skillfully prepared, and organized proposal is vital to its success. Our office provides assistance and guidance throughout the proposal development process to ensure proposals are as strong and competitive as possible. We can help in many areas such as reviewing and editing proposal text, developing a budget, and reviewing and submitting the completed proposal.